Its focus is in growing your requirement in a natural way. It connects farmers to direct consumers.
All client groups with additional needs are welcome to enquire.
Simple, Go to Google Play Store. Download the App. Create Login. Select a Farm. Select the crops you want to grow and Subscribe. Add side orders if required. Pay for the Subscription and Order.
The App will Show / Suggest the ongoing seasonal crops for the month and you can select from the list.
You need to fill relevant details about the size of your family and App would give suggestions on the farm size to cover the maximum family requirement.
It will depend on the crop chosen by the consumer. Notifications would be sent week before the Harvest. Consumers can come and Harvest the crop by themselves. If they Can’t , delivery would be made at their doorstep.
In case you don’t require the crop after Harvest, it would be donated.
The basic size would be 650 sq ft.
A basic plot would contain 10 beds. So you can grow maximum 10 Different crops.
The Minimum Subscription is offered is for 3 Months.